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So you are leading a team at the moment, or even part of one; Do you know when you should be really worried about your team performance?

It is when there is no conflict!

Conflict is a part of any healthy team work environment. It is not only natural to have different views and rising disputes whenever group of people are interacting with each other, some management experts go further to emphasis that conflicts must be there. Without conflicts over ideas, concepts, process, etc … group thinking prevails, adhering to the status quo cripples creativity, and lack of job excitement controls the work environment.

That does not mean conflicts should get out of hands, and team meetings turn to wars and power struggles. There are so many techniques that could be used to contain this conflict and employ it to work for the sake of the team, not against it. There is only one prerequisite. The team members should have a common objectives, an identity they believe in, and shared values.

So it goes like this:

  • Have a team with no common believes and unified goals, and the organization will turn into a circus!
  • Have a team that shares a strong identity and give them the chance to do miracles.

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My sister-in-law sent me the video you are about to see now (so if she is reading these words … thank you for the inspiration :)). Although the video has nothing to do with business or marketing or anything related to this field (actually, it is a clip from Animal Planet Channel), I was thinking about one of the most important concepts in business while watching the video; I was thinking about team work!

 Now watch the clip and continue reading the post (you have to go to YouTube to watch it) …




We are overwhelmed with the concept of team work in our lives. Even before entering the job market, team work concepts and ideas were with us since college days. And despite the extensive trainings and workshops we have been through in regard to team building and interactions, I am afraid we are not really applying them in our working environments.

I know very few Saudi companies that are adopting the idea of cross functional teams and really successful at it. But in general, and in most situations, we do not really have teams, we mostly have unites. Unites that compete internally (between the allegedly team members) and externally (with other unites).

The team spirit and the unified goal and purpose are mostly absent from our team building formula.

Now the video teaches us that a successful team is the one that:

  •             Have a common goal that everybody believes in.
  •             A leader who inspires and provides the vision.
  •            Members who are eager to get to the goal.
  •            Communication between all and contribution from all to reach the goal.

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