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 I just read a press release about a local company participation in an international fair. And let me tell you how I felt; disgusted!!

Press releases are a widely known and adopted tool by PR professionals to attract attention of public in general and organization’s stakeholders in particular. Unfortunately, some of these professionals definition of press releases is nothing more than a show-off-piece-of-work. A lot of lies and exaggerations are stuffed into these few lines to show the company as the best not only in its market, but in the whole universe!!

Such companies are still to realize that those press releases are, and should be, part of their whole branding management strategy. Choosing the right words and style is mandatory to deliver the certain brand value they are trying to communicate. So bragging again and again about ‘being the best’ or ‘having the latest’ or ‘everybody was astonished by our new products/service’ while your customers actually know how exaggerated that is; then,  you are devaluing, not building, your brand!


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